June 25, 2007

Newport Beach: The girls' (and Daddy's) first REAL beach trip!

We couldn't even get Jayden's suit on her before she rolled in the hot sand.

Rylee wasn't certain that she liked the taste of sand, but had a few mouthfuls just to make sure.

The whole fam poses for a picture.

The girls go for one last roll in the sand before we head home.


Bishop Family said...

Sand makes the best food...at least that's what the babies think. Looks like you had fun at the beach! Your girls better start liking the beach because their mom sure does!

The Lillard's said...

hey guys! we just posted some more beach pics too! I love the one of girls rolling before you go home. That cracks me up. Ava was not so adventurous. She was like "why is this water so cold?!" she is a scardy cat right now..ha..ha talk to you later!