March 9, 2010

Let's hear it for the Girls!

Our girls are growing by the day! Jayden is still very "curious" (aka sneaky). I think she should be a spy. She loves to get into the fridge and will honestly get away with it once she learns to clean up her mess and her face!

Rylee is becoming our little "boss". She can get any little kid to do what she wants simply because "Rylee says". Usually it is Jayden following her commands and, bless her little heart, she does just about anything the Queen asks of her.

And Addy, well she is also one of a kind. She is getting so good with her sign language. She gets about anything she wants when she signs please. She really thinks she is another 4 year old in our house...She is hilarious!

And these are some extras (as requested by someone special)...

My attempt at being crafty with food. It just never turns out as good as the picture. But it was a lot of fun.

And a five generation picture with Tim's Grandpa..We are so blessed to have great family.