July 29, 2008

Hip hip hooray! Rambow girl #3 is on her way!

So before we posted any further pics that might reveal my baby bump, we wanted to tell you all that we are SO excited to have another girl (thankfully only ONE this time) joining the Rambow ranks. She is due to arrive early in November. Jayden hasn't totally caught on to the idea yet, but Rylee is baby crazy. They are continually reminding Mommy that her belly is getting and thank goodness because I hadn't noticed (sense the sarcasm?).

Mommy and the girls hanging out in our Pjs.

July 19, 2008

Always trying to Catch up!

I don't know that I will ever get the hang of posting regularly. Just want to keep you in suspense. Tim and I went to Washington DC back in June and had an AWESOME trip. WE went kidless (thanks to Gma P). It was kind of a second honeymoon (wait we still need a first). Needless to say, it was packed full of touring, eating, relaxing, and enjoying a nice break from reality. Here are some pics