December 18, 2007

Crazy Climbers

Our lives have recently changed dramatically due to the fact that the twins are now able to climb out of their cribs. It has caused a few tears (shed by me), a few bruises (from graceful falls), but also some VERY funny moments (there's always a silver lining)! I tell you, it is so hard to discipline with a straight face sometimes. I am sure that some of you parents can relate...

Jayden had climbed into bed with her sister. Ah sweet moment.

Tim and I were enjoying a movie downstairs when the girls decided to invite themsleves. We couldn't help but laugh for a bit (while they enjoyed the snacks) especially at Rylee's accessory she felt was necessary to put on with her pajamas.

Definitely the best for last! I promise that our child was clothed before placed in her own crib. However, this is how I found her while checking in on the quiet gals. What will be next?

While I'm on a roll....

Since it may take me yet another month to post again, I should get it all done now right!!! Here are some recent family pics.

Random, yet very Cool!

Not too many of us can say they have Great Grandparents still living, yet I can. And this means our girls can say they have TWO Great Great Grandmothers still alive and going strong. I've just been thinking about how seriously amazing that really is. Can you imagins what you would do and see in 100 years? Anyhow- here's our five generation picture taken in Costa Mesa this month.

Grandpa Rambow Visited

Here are a few quick pics from Grandpa Rambow's visit to California. The girls had a great time with him (as you can tell).