November 7, 2008

And We're Back! (At least for a few days)

I am sitting here nearly 41 weeks prego and updating has so been on my list for a long time. Apparently, I will have a few extra days to complete my to-do lists.
So what have the Rambows been up to since July? Well we have been preparing for "nameless" baby girl #3 (maybe that's what she's waiting on), we went to Lake Tahoe, to San Jose, we've had lots of visitors come to town, Jayden and Rylee turned three, I have grown a large belly bump (oh but I won't mention Tim's ha ha), we bought one hot mini-van and I am feeling darn sexy driving it, campaigned for Prop 8, dressed as the 3 Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf for Halloween, and are surely living it up before life gets really crazy. Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

Weren't the girls adorable flower girls for Uncle Matt & Auntie Pam's wedding?

Jayden & Daddy taking a pony ride at the rodeo.

I had fun putting these together this year. It just felt right if you know what I mean (and it was easier than a cow costume for me!)

Just a good reminder that no matter how much our family changes, some things stay the same.