October 2, 2007

We just turned two years old!

These are the shots that are going to
make mommy and daddy rich!

Watch out world, here we come!

By the way we would like to thank the academy for all our success, our make-up artists, grams & gramps and everyone else ( you know who you are ) who have made this happen these past couple of years. Love ya.


Bishop Family said...

Your girls are so adorable! It is so fun to see pictures of them :) They are growing up so fast!

Amy said...

What a couple cuties! I was so excited to see your blog updated! Keep it comin'.

michelle taggart said...

yo yo, girl, cute pics! i just started this whole blog thing, so you and i will have to keep in touch, since my husband, your use to be best friend, never gets us together! hope you guys are doing good, and hope to keep in touch! michelle