February 14, 2008

And to the TWOS that I love!! (No song for this one)

So far we've had a great Luv-Day! The girls and I made Valentines this morning and then went to deliver some of them. I think today might be one of my favorite holidays.

Rylee showing some heart.

Visiting Grandpa & Grandma Burke at the office.

The girls having a good time.

Jayden's best shot of the day. She can be such a stinker when it comes to taking pictures, but this one is great!

Rylee and Jayden love you!


Amanda said...

so cute!!!! I love the outfits and all the pictures! They are so fun!

Jeff Hamm said...

Just found your blog through Tim and Mindy's! Look forward to seeing more posts and following what you guys are up to. Our site is at hammfamilyfun.blogspot.com/

Melissa said...

I can't believe how big your 2 litle princess' have gotten they are sweet. So when's the next little one or 2 haha joinging the family? You guys look like you have a lot of fun together and u look like a great mom. Miss ya

Jeff Hamm said...

When I visit your blog looking for updates I just can't believe how much Rylee looks like Tim!

Kari-Lynn said...

those girls get cuter and cuter. I can't wait to see them this summer.