February 12, 2008

What happens in January anyway?

I just realized what a slow start we are having to our year. We did not take one single picture in January. WOW what slackers! So here are a few from December. I will get back in action soon!

My fifth attempt at a Christmas Card (and still not a keeper)

Jayden trying to be Daddy

Rylee at the Monterey Aquarium
(what a great trip with Uncle Bo, Aunt Janet, and "Baby Belly")

The whole fam (isn't Rylee's face priceless?)


Amanda said...

So cute!!!! I love their cute faces. They are getting so big! It is amazing how fast they grow up!

Great pictures.

I'm jealous that you went to the monterey aquarium. I love that place! We met Robin Williams there.

Kari-Lynn said...

I love the family pics. Wow, your girls are so big. And look at that hair. That is so fun!!!! I can't wait to come visit....we'll just say around August...maybe for their 3rd bday. I'll be 8 months prego but that should be a fun gettaway. We'll see!!! I miss you guys.

Kari-Lynn said...
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melissa said...

Hi Amy!
Your girls are darling and you look fabulous! Thanks for the update! -Melissa

the Cory family said...

a tip for getting your girls in their big bed (not that I would consider myself successful yet) is to wait for a day when they are super tired!

the Cory family said...

have you attempted potty training yet??? I need tips on that!