August 4, 2007

We went crazy for Brad Paisley!

So our friends surprised us with Brad Paisley tickets on the night of the concert! And it even gets better... When our seats could not be found, they hooked us up with front row tickets! The performers were all so close, we literally could (and did) reach out and touch them. It was a blast for all of us!

Tim waving his cell phone with the thousands of others that lit up the sky (forget about lighters anymore). What a sign of the times!

I tried to get us back stage with one of the band members, but I failed. We think he was looking for someone of the one-night-stand, unmarried type.


Amy said...

Amy, this has nothing to do with the blog, but thought you would be interested.,,20053263,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

The Lillard's said...

HEY RAMBOW GANG! We like your pictures so much we are wondering when you are going to post more! We got your 2 yr. birthday announcement for the girls and it was so cute, I had to scrapbook it. We want to see more pics of the girls.. c'mon, we know you take them.. you can post them too! ha